Friday, March 14, 2014

Nothing is Impossible

IMPOSSIBLE is the judgment of a soul without hope .
IMPOSSIBLE is the only truth of the one who is tired and does not want to take another step .
IMPOSSIBLE is the reality of which is formed , which still feel their lost battles before .
IMPOSSIBLE is the belief who can not dream , who knows not try , who refuses to fight .

IMPOSSIBLE is the day to day who is a prisoner of his fears, hesitations and doubts.
IMPOSSIBLE is the answer for which it has no desires, who has no goals for
IMPOSSIBLE is the answer for which you do not know that the effort and sacrifices can give great results.
IMPOSSIBLE is the reality of that is in the starting point and seeing how difficult the road , back and leaves.

You think about it IMPOSSIBLE is just a word , and can only affect the way you are or act if you let it , it's time to change the word
Acknowledges the crooked your way , and still tries to keep going , as it is every step of the way , which will lead you to the goal, believe in what POSSIBLE.

Dare to dream , even wildest dreams, and decide to fight for them even when they all say they can not be, believe in what POSSIBLE.
Get up again and again when you stumble to find within you the strength to continue , although fatigue dominate you , believe in what POSSIBLE.

Was able to smile in the midst of the storms of life , and to believe, with all your strength not that hope is the last thing you lose , but the real hope is never lost , believe what POSSIBLE.
Find inspiration in your life , the one that lets you fight without truce , and see how you pointing the right way, believe what POSSIBLE.

No ... just impossible , some things may cost us more work , some things deserve a dose more effort, some things require our inspiration and best forward , some things take longer than expected.
Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE .... One 's difficult goals . Repeat every day, and you will start to change the word and say : Everything is POSSIBLE